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Our goal is to inspire a mindset within our seniors and people living with disabilities to believe that they can still be game changers in our society. To make our clients believe that they are assets and not liabilities.

Our Directors

Tsitsi Chipendo - Director TwinView Health

Tsitsi Chipendo

Tsitsi has vast amount of experience in the accounting and business management field. Tsitsi holds a certification in Treasury Management, from the Institute of Bankers of Zimbabwe and Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe.

Tsitsi also holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing science and is licensed as registered nurse in South Australia. In her career Tsitsi has worked in nursing homes and acute care settings.
Tsitsi is experienced in long term care of patients with chronic debilitating illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral vascular disease and other diseases associated with ageing.
Experience in acute care and taking care of acute illnesses such as complicated urinary tract infections, asthma exacerbations, diabetes complications, blood transfusions and many other acute illnesses. Tsitsi partners with nurse practitioners, registered nurses, enrolled nurses and carers in order to provide the best care to her clients.

As the owner of the TwinView Health Tsitsi has engaged with the opportunity to provide nursing services to an Aboriginal community based in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide since 2020. Tsitsi is culturally competent and sensitive to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Tsitsi also volunteers with the African Women’s Federation and Australian Refugee Association where she has had an opportunity to deal with marginalised population groups that are seeking refugee status in Australia.

All these people have at least one form of disability either visible or invisible.

Rudo Bhasvi - Director TwinView Health

Rudo Chipendo

Rudo, the deputy director has vast experience in the nursing field commencing her career in 2008. Rudo has worked overseas as a registered nurse in a variety of nursing settings including at major referral hospital emergency departments, medical and surgical wards, in the community, both urban and rural where she provided home based nursing care and primary health services to internally displaced and vulnerable populations.
Rudo has had the privilege of working within government, non-government and private institutions where she has amassed her rich nursing experiences. Rudo Bhasvi holds registration with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe as is a recognised Australian registered nurse.

After migrating to Australia, Rudo attained her registration with the AHPRA as a registered nurse and has completed a bachelor of nursing with UniSA.

Rudo also holds certifications in Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Management and Systematic Family Therapy all attained within Australian based training organisations and will be completing studies in Psychological Counselling soon.
Prior to her migration Rudo studied with the University of South Africa to attain certifications in HIV AIDS Care & Counselling.

Here in Australia, Rudo has acquired working experiences in the aged care and disability sectors which she greatly enjoys. With the combined overseas and local experiences, Rudo is well placed to excel at TwinView Health.

Vision statement:

Our vision is to inspire people with disabilities to believe that disability is not inability. This vision is a vision to see more meaningful contributions of people with disabilities across many sectors of our society. People with disability should be viewed as assets not liabilities in our society and this is our vision.

TwinView Health PTY LTD’s mission is to create more opportunities for people living with disabilities to engage and participate in their wider communities. We aim to create a lasting social impact for our community where people with disabilities are empowered and live the lives they desire as equal citizens.


Our goal is to inspire a mindset within people with disabilities to believe that they can still be game changers in our society. To make people with disability to believe that they are assets and not liabilities.

We will achieve the above goals through our demand driven value innovation approach in which we will focus more on our consumers aspirations as people to positively impact our society and the world. We will give them platforms to showcase their dreams and to engage other stakeholders to support their aspirations.

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