Our Philosophy

We Are Flexible

Our view of the market is that it should not be limited to a particular cultural group, location, age group, gender, language and just the people with disabilities.

About Our Target Market

We do not consider disability to be inability to persue one’s vision in any area of their interest therefore our market is concerned with the aspirations of the consumers in the disability industry. This market is made up of those with any diabilities, those who maybe close to the risk of disability, those who support people with disabilities and the broader government policy makers.

Twinview operates on the philosophy that all conversations are markets and all markets are conversations. This means that TwinView will only respond to the needs, aspirations, tastes and preferences of our consumers only from their perspective of value. This is our point of difference with any other service providers who are supply driven. Therefore value is value in the eyes of the consumers not us and this will drive demand for our services.

Twinview will operate on a holistic service approach which means we will consider what the consumer wants as a whole and aim to provide that from a single service provider perspective. We believe that a segmented service provision may create inconviniences for clients in terms of time and costs. A holistic service will assist with building long lasting relationships with our consumers which will build trust and oppeness as we deliver the service.
we are offering our service to individuals with a significant and permanent disability (participants) and helping them increase their ability to be more independent, and to engage more socially and economically, which is one of the main reason the NDIS was rolled out.

We will build confidence and trust among participants and their families, our carers, the community at large and the disability services market to protect our reputation by having responsive processes and transparent and consistent communication. By supporting participants’ ability to exercise choice and control we will have a competitive edge over our competitors which will in turn increase our market share.

Through information and genuine engagement, we will build trust and confidence among our participants and staff. That again will help us deliver on our purpose and aspirations thereby helping us retain current clients and grow our clientele base.

Vision statement:

Our vision is to inspire people with disabilities to believe that disability is not inability. This vision is a vision to see more meaningful contributions of people with disabilities across many sectors of our society. People with disability should be viewed as assets not liabilities in our society and this is our vision.

Twinview Health PTY LTD’s mission is to create more opportunities for people living with disabilities to engage and participate in their wider communities. We aim to create a lasting social impact for our community where people with disabilities are empowered and live the lives they desire as equal citizens


Our goal is to inspire a mindset within people with disabilities to believe that they can still be game changers in our society. To make people with disability to believe that they are assets and not liabilities.

We will achieve the above goals through our demand driven value innovation approach in which we will focus more on our consumers aspirations as people to positively impact our society and the world. We will give them platforms to showcase their dreams and to engage other stakeholders to support their aspirations.